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Rethinking “Jesus Alone”

If I walk into a church and the first thing I see is a coffee shop… I’m leaving. After I get my mocha of course. On a serious note, what is it about spirituality and a faith that connects with … Continue reading

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Please Reign Over Me: The Bible, Trees, and the Problem of Power

For years, in both an academic setting and in other writings, I have railed against the misuse of the Bible. I see it used as a moral justification to deny humans basic rights by taking ancient passages out of context … Continue reading

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My Official Book and Your Official Book: What’s Missing In TN’s Bible Push

“The Holy Bible is hereby designated as the official state book.” This is the text in Senate Bill 1108. This begs a few questions. Which “Holy Bible?” Which translation? NRSV, CEB, KJV, The Message? Will we only accept the Hebrew, … Continue reading

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Religion, Politics, Gay Marriage: A Reaction

It is a topic as old as civilization itself. The civic and the religious have been intertwined to varying degrees from the time of the city-states of the ancient Near East to the political landscape of the day. Here in … Continue reading

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Jesus Before Pilate: Historicity and Anti-Semitism

Without proper perspective, horrible misinterpretations of the text lead to anti-Semitic views that are not only hateful, counterproductive, and counter to the teachings of Jesus, but have no foundation in history. Continue reading

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Update: New Schedule Coming Soon

Greetings all! Andrew here with a quick update for readers of From The Desk And Shelf. First, I hope everyone had a pleasant weekend and a wonderful week ahead. For those of you who have been following my blog, you may … Continue reading

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Spirituality and the Fear of Knowledge

A fair warning from the get go… this post is a rant disguised as thought. My topic for today originated from a conversation I had with a patron at the place where I work, with whom I was discussing religion, … Continue reading

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