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They Wanted an Ark, but Built a Tower

Answers in Genesis is an organization located in Kentucky. Among their features is what is termed a “creation museum” along with a replica of Noah’s ark from the Bible story found in Genesis. The biggest problem with the Ark of … Continue reading

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The Serpent in the Garden: A Closer Look

Whether one takes the story as a literal history of humankind or simply an interesting literary narrative and the product of ancient imagination, the story continually fascinates us in the modern world and its imagery has become instantly recognizable. Continue reading

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Noah: A Review

After weeks of controversy, articles, talking head pundits, and an opinion from (seemingly) every human in the USA, I finally bought my ticket and saw Noah. I want to be clear upfront that I intentionally avoided reviews and articles to … Continue reading

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Editorial: Creation, the Debate, Facebook, and Faith

What a busy time it has been indeed. First, I feel compelled to explain the title. After all, isn’t everything published on a privately run blog an editorial? While that is true, everything I publish here on “From the Desk … Continue reading

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Creating Stories of Creation

*Author’s Note* As this is my first official post, please bear with me if it is long-winded and academic. The beginning part is certainly a little drier than the rest, but I felt it was necessary to explain how I … Continue reading

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