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Please Reign Over Me: The Bible, Trees, and the Problem of Power

For years, in both an academic setting and in other writings, I have railed against the misuse of the Bible. I see it used as a moral justification to deny humans basic rights by taking ancient passages out of context … Continue reading

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My Official Book and Your Official Book: What’s Missing In TN’s Bible Push

“The Holy Bible is hereby designated as the official state book.” This is the text in Senate Bill 1108. This begs a few questions. Which “Holy Bible?” Which translation? NRSV, CEB, KJV, The Message? Will we only accept the Hebrew, … Continue reading

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Religion, Politics, Gay Marriage: A Reaction

It is a topic as old as civilization itself. The civic and the religious have been intertwined to varying degrees from the time of the city-states of the ancient Near East to the political landscape of the day. Here in … Continue reading

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How I View the Bible

For over a year now, I have been writing on the subject of religion, specifically on various aspects of the Bible. I grew up as a Christian in the United Methodist Church and my training in higher education has been … Continue reading

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Why Christians Should Read (and Take Seriously) the Book of Deuteronomy

Neither dogmatic adherence nor complete abandonment does anything to further understanding. Continue reading

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Spirituality and the Fear of Knowledge

A fair warning from the get go… this post is a rant disguised as thought. My topic for today originated from a conversation I had with a patron at the place where I work, with whom I was discussing religion, … Continue reading

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The Bible and Suicide

In light of the recent tragic news that comedian and actor Robin Williams took his own life, discussions surrounding depression and suicide have entered the popular discussion. As I am writing this less than two days from the shocking announcement, … Continue reading

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