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The Last Jedi – A Reaction (Spoilers)

  MAJOR SPOILERS!   The famous music hit. “Directed by Rian Johnson” appeared on the screen. It was over. I had just witnessed the newest Star Wars movie. For the first time watching a Star Wars film, I really did … Continue reading

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Rethinking “Jesus Alone”

If I walk into a church and the first thing I see is a coffee shop… I’m leaving. After I get my mocha of course. On a serious note, what is it about spirituality and a faith that connects with … Continue reading

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What I Learned By Giving Up Video Games

Last July, I made a snap decision one evening. I am a man of many hobbies and interests and my mind typically runs at 100 miles an hour, sometimes in the wrong direction. I decided that afternoon that my Xbox … Continue reading

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2016 In Review: Books

One of the great joys during my day is any time I able to sit down and read. Whether I have a few spare moments on lunch, an early Saturday morning, or a few minutes before bed, I always try to … Continue reading

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Please Reign Over Me: The Bible, Trees, and the Problem of Power

For years, in both an academic setting and in other writings, I have railed against the misuse of the Bible. I see it used as a moral justification to deny humans basic rights by taking ancient passages out of context … Continue reading

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My Official Book and Your Official Book: What’s Missing In TN’s Bible Push

“The Holy Bible is hereby designated as the official state book.” This is the text in Senate Bill 1108. This begs a few questions. Which “Holy Bible?” Which translation? NRSV, CEB, KJV, The Message? Will we only accept the Hebrew, … Continue reading

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Why Mystery Science Theater 3000 Should Not Return

Believe me, I am a fan. This show has weaved itself in and out of my life since its days on the “Comedy Channel.” I wasn’t big on Strangers with Candy or Kids in the Hall. For me, Comedy Central … Continue reading

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