Update: New Schedule Coming Soon

Greetings all! Andrew here with a quick update for readers of From The Desk And Shelf. First, I hope everyone had a pleasant weekend and a wonderful week ahead. For those of you who have been following my blog, you may notice that my posts have been, well… sporadic. I have decided it is time that From The Desk And Shelf embrace one of the cardinal (so they tell me) rules of blogging: frequent and regular posts.

That’s right, beginning this week readers can now look forward to regularly scheduled publishing. To take things a step further as well as to cover the various topics I cover here, I have decided on the following format:

Religion Tuesdays – Every Tuesday, I will post something related to religion or ancient Near Eastern History

Movie Fridays – Every Friday, I will post a film related entry.

??? – Also, you never know when wild cards will show up.

For now, I am happy to commit myself to two posts a week. As I am still working to finish my Masters’ thesis, I think this is a workable schedule without detracting too much from my main priority (namely, the thesis). Time permitting, I will also likely post random (probably food related) posts from time to time.

Thank you again to all who have subscribed and who read regularly. It has been a rewarding experience and I look forward to this new phase.


– Andrew

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