Coming Soon: Fall and Film II

As the summer draws to a close and those in school settle into the new semester, it is time to think about (if you are like me) the approaching fall season and, specifically, Halloween. Last year, with a blog that was barely a month old, I did a three part series called Fall and Film in which I discussed the various horror genre films that I was watching last year. Three observations from that series: 1) It was a lot of fun to write those articles, 2) It was a total rip-off of every other blog and YouTube channel that discusses movies, as we all seem to throw our two-cents into the mix during this time of year, and 3) It was incredibly erratic in terms of focus and frequency of posts.

This year I have decided to make a change, or rather, have decided to improve on what I started last year. This means the following:

Every Friday in the month of October, I will post a Fall and Film series in which I discuss two categories of film, with one film in each category. These discussions will include brief synopsis, analysis, and personal reflection. And who knows… maybe a bonus category will show up from time to time. Like last year, I will discuss films that I do not necessarily consider to be the top in their various genres, but rather these are the films I have chosen to watch this year for the Halloween season. We’ll see everything from innocent Halloween fun to some of the most controversial films of all time.

Also, you may notice a new look to the blog. This is of course to get my readers in the mood for some great discussions of wonderful horror and Halloween themed movies. I am very excited for this season and I hope you are too. I hope you will join me for Fall and Film II! Thanks for reading.

  • Andrew
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