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Fall and Film II: The Phantom of the Opera

Happy Halloween everyone! For this year’s final installment of the Fall and Film series, instead of discussing  a number of films, we will look at the interpretation of one story through a variety of mediums. A few notes before beginning: … Continue reading

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Nashville Hot Chicken: Andrew’s Version

It has been several months since I posted a food-related article, so I decided it was time to rectify that. This is in part because I have been much more conscience of my food choices of late. Not because I … Continue reading

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Scary Auteur Favorites: The Birds and The Seventh Seal

In a departure from last week’s unrelated films, I decided for this installment to discuss two films that are very different from each other, yet share similarities behind the camera. For those unfamiliar, the Auteur theory of film-making states that … Continue reading

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Why Christians Should Read (and Take Seriously) the Book of Deuteronomy

Neither dogmatic adherence nor complete abandonment does anything to further understanding. Continue reading

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Fall and Film II: Schlock and Silent

For the third installment in this year’s Fall and Film series, I decided to go with two categories that not only provide alliteration for my title, but also have deep roots in the history of horror films. The silent film … Continue reading

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Jesus Before Pilate: Historicity and Anti-Semitism

Without proper perspective, horrible misinterpretations of the text lead to anti-Semitic views that are not only hateful, counterproductive, and counter to the teachings of Jesus, but have no foundation in history. Continue reading

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Update: New Schedule Coming Soon

Greetings all! Andrew here with a quick update for readers of From The Desk And Shelf. First, I hope everyone had a pleasant weekend and a wonderful week ahead. For those of you who have been following my blog, you may … Continue reading

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