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How We Construct Christmas: Building the Birth Narrative in the Gospels

With Christmas quickly approaching, many believers will turn to their Bibles, church services, advent calendars, etc. to recall the birth of Christ. Regardless of one’s faith, the imagery created by this time of season is inescapable.  I defy anyone to … Continue reading

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Reinterpreting Superman: Reflections on Man of Steel

One of the latest additions to my movie shelf is The Man Of Steel. Released this past summer, the film (like most comic book adaptations) certainly earned plenty of money, and garnered mixed to positive reviews. I recognize that this … Continue reading

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Quick Update

Well, it is that time of year again. No, not Christmas/Hanukah/ Whatever. December is the time of year that all undergraduates and graduate students alike dread. That is right, it is that horrible time when we all engage in collective … Continue reading

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Saying “Merry Christmas” vs. “Happy Holidays”: How we should respond to this tired debate

A few days ago, a person whom I did not know, told me, “oh, and if we do not see you beforehand, Merry Christmas.” I had never met this person before, she knew nothing about me, yet I replied “Merry … Continue reading

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