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Quote and Context: Finding Deeper Meaning in Scripture

An often-practiced ritual in our culture is the quotation of the Bible verse. Stop and think for a moment: In how many mediums of communications does one see a Bible verse? Bumper stickers on cars, inspiring Facebook messages, warnings posted … Continue reading

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Top Five Foods That I Make At Home (And You Should Too)

When I am not writing and thinking about the Bible or watching a movie, I thoroughly enjoy cooking. If you step into my kitchen, you will notice a dissonance between the size of my cooking area and the amount of … Continue reading

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The Death of Moses: The Heartbreaking and Promising Conclusion to the Torah

Aside from Abel and Christ, how much thought do Christians give to tragic deaths in the Bible? The death of one of the pivotal characters of the entire Hebrew Bible, and the most important figure in the Torah section, is … Continue reading

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Fall and Film, Part III

Welcome back to the third installment of my new “Fall and Film” series. As before, this installment looks at a number of films in various horror sub-genres that I enjoy watching in October as the autumn season comes creeping in … Continue reading

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Fall and Film Part II: The Films

Welcome to the second entry in my “Fall and Film” series. In part one, I discussed the season itself and how the atmosphere of the weather and all things associated with autumn that make it my favorite time of year. … Continue reading

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Fall and Film: Part I

Part 1: The Fall With the cool fall weather creeping in and the leaves on the verge of changing, I am reminded that my favorite time of year approaches. Whether in reality or my own perception, I dare say that the … Continue reading

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