What Am I Doing Here?

What Am I Doing Here?

Greetings and welcome to From the Desk and Shelf! I think the above question merits asking anytime one takes on a new endeavor, whether it is a project around the house, the first meeting of a new club, or especially any kind of creative medium. This blog is a creative space, but it is my creative space. Here is a little about me:

I love movies, music, and food. I love other things too, but I have to limit myself somehow. I also love reading, thinking, and writing about the Bible. Surprising? Off putting? More on that in a minute.

In addition to observations that I think warrant a post (daily observations, humorous anecdotes, etc.), I really want to focus this website on my own personal take on various aspects of movies and music, and time permitting, written works as well. I am in the process of writing a tribute to piece to one of my favorite films, a science fiction classic, that seems to have inspired a new film with certain big names. Think outer space and you will likely guess to which film I am referring.

Aside from my hobbies of film and music, this space will be used to discuss the Bible and Religion. While this does demand further explanation, (why would you do that? Are you qualified? Are you going to witness to me?), I will go into greater detail on my next post. And to answer those questions: Because it is a passion, yes, and no. To give a small preview, my first Bible related post (again, currently in the writing stage) deals with the beginning. Whatever your religious beliefs are, I hope you will give my writings a read and engage in a discussion on the particular issues that I raise in my writings.

These areas of interest are what inspired the title of this blog. I found it difficult to find a title that encompassed the bulk of my interests, especially given the fact that the Bible does not really fit with the whole film and music theme. Essentially, the majority of topics I discuss come from either my desk (Bible, research, or other thought projects) or from a shelf (movies, music). Simple enough, right? Of course if you read my posts concerning film because that is an interest of yours, I would certainly encourage you to give the other areas a try.

So there you have it… A quick blurb of things to come and some reasoning behind this little project.

My name is Andrew and this is my blog.

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1 Response to What Am I Doing Here?

  1. Jordan says:

    I expect something similar to this to occur on your blog:

    That will be all. Good luck and congrats!

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