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Cleansing the “Cleansing of the Temple”

Do you go to church? If so, what type is it? Is it a more traditional church with ethereal decorations, a reverent priest/pastor and sacraments? Or a more modern church, with a casual preacher dressed in a suite and referring … Continue reading

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2001: A Space Odyssey A Tribute and Reflection

“It can only be attributable to human error…” 2001: A Space Odyssey is a 1968 science-fiction film by director Stanley Kubrick, with the story based on a novel by the author Arthur C. Clarke. The plot of the film is … Continue reading

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Creating Stories of Creation

*Author’s Note* As this is my first official post, please bear with me if it is long-winded and academic. The beginning part is certainly a little drier than the rest, but I felt it was necessary to explain how I … Continue reading

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What Am I Doing Here?

What Am I Doing Here? Greetings and welcome to From the Desk and Shelf! I think the above question merits asking anytime one takes on a new endeavor, whether it is a project around the house, the first meeting of … Continue reading

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